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Armin Segger

Armin Segger (1959) is a musician, piano teacher and composer. Armin studied classical piano at the Zwolle Conservatory and graduated in 1984. Armin lives with his family in The Hague.


During his study, Armin already started his private classes, and today uses his home studio and a studio in Lunteren (center of the Netherlands).


Since 1992 he has been connected to the Royal Conservatory The Hague as a collaborative pianist for both the classical and jazz department.


Armin is always on the lookout for new challenging musical adventures. He joined the 'Continuous Brass' ensemble in 2011, and he recently started with 'Triple Berry Trio' ensemble (trumpet, cello & piano).

A multi-instrumental ensemble, 'Mind the Gap Experience', was founded by Armin, Roelof Meijer (string instruments) and Petra Wolters (wind instruments).


Incidental solo performances contain works by Bach, Schumann, Rachmaninoff and Ravel, among others.


In 2013 Armin took up a new challenge: composing. Together with recording engineer and entrepreneur Joost Roset (, a first demo was released in the winter of 2014.


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