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Private Piano Classes

Welcome to the exiting World of music. You are the conductor!


The piano offers a complete orchestra. With a proper technique you can develop velvet sounds, hammering blows and melancholic melodies. This depends on your mood and the required interpretation of a piece. Besides playing alone, the instrument can be used for accompaniment.

You can play works by great composers, all kind of songs, or just improvise.



Your entry level is not important, your ears are. We start off with the physical piano. To see how the hopper brings the hammer towards the string while slowly pressing a key.


Before the first class has ended, we will make music come to life.

Collaborative Piano Playing

The accompanist in chamber music. Over the years I have built up a large catalog of pieces for woodwind, strings, vocal and brass instruments.


I find great joy in creating a strong basis on which soloists can flourish.


Collaboration is a true mantra for me.

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